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Accu-Disclose, LLC is an independent Municipal Securities Disclosure Services company that specializes in providing customized continuing disclosure reports for governmental entities including cities, counties, school districts, community colleges and others.  Founded in 2015, Loretta Garcia formed Accu-Disclose, LLC in order to satisfy a need for governmental entities to obtain services in assisting them to fulfill their obligations to provide continuing disclosure information on a timely basis.  With over 20 years of working with a national municipal finance firm, Loretta has provided such services and has filed thousands of reports for New Mexico issuers.  Accu-Disclose, LLC has an essential and unique understanding of the disclosure process.

In recent years, issuers have chosen to retain a third-party agent to provide these disclosure services.  As a third-party agent, the objectives of Accu-Disclose, LLC are simple:

  1.  Ensure issuers are fully compliant pursuant to Rule 15c2-12;
  2.  Protect issuers access to the municipal securities market;
  3.  Promote transparency; and
  4.  Eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest.